How To Use The Nu Antidote

Akeem Anifowoshe
The Nu Antidote is a Cleaner and Light Oxidation Reversal Solution. It Works on All Color Leathers, Mesh, Prime Knit, Fly Knit, Canvas, Satin, Patent Leather and More! Not Designed for Suede! UV Light or the Sun will be Required for Maximum Results.
Just Shake Spray and Clean. use with Hot or Warm Water.
1) Shake the Bottle
2) Spray Solution on Desired Area Or Tool
3) Allow 30 Secs for Solution to Penetrate Soiled Areas.
4) Use a Nylon Brush, Nylon Scrub, or Eraser Sponge to clean area
5) Use warm water to rinse the material thoroughly.
6) Once cleaned allow sneakers to dry in the Sun or Under a UV Light to Activate Oxidation Reversal Properties
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How To Clean Bottom Soles Using Nu Antidote

Akeem Anifowoshe
This blog will cover how to clean bottom soles using the Nu Antidote for SUEDE SHOES. You can apply this method to sneakers with delicate uppers that you would normally avoid any moisture when cleaning.

Tools Used:

Nu Antidote Solution

Eraser Sponge

Stiff Nylon Brush (Available soon)

Micro Fiber Towel

HOT Water

#1 Rule. Protect the Uppers

Use a Microfiber towel to protect the area the uppers

#2 Cleaning with Precision

Cleaning with the proper tools will help you avoid any damage to expensive and delicate sneakers.

#3 Rinse Properly

There are numerous ways to rinse the sneakers. Follow the video to see how the Revive King uses Hot Water to rinse the bottom soles


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Akeem Anifowoshe

Use the 3-Step Suede Cleaning Process to properly clean suede materials

Pre-Treatment: WHILE DRY
Take your time in this stage. This is the most important part of the process.
  1. Use Nylon Hair brush to gently brush away any surface layer debris.
  2. Use the white part of the Double-Sided Eraser to lift any stains.
  3. Using the wire side, the 4-Way Crepe Brush, will help remove any deep penetrated soil.
  4. You do not need to apply a lot of pressure, as this may damage the original texture if used incorrectly.
  1. Spray shoe evenly about 6 inches away.
  2. Let the solution penetrate the surface for 30 seconds
  3. In a back and forth motion, use the Nylon Brush to remove any soil left after the pre-treatment.
  4. Use Hog Hair brush for delicate suede, nubuck, satin materials.
  1. Soften and fluff the nap by using the wire side of the 4-Way Crepe Brush. Use the Rubber Side if the Suede or Nubuck is short.
  2. You do not need to apply a lot of pressure. This step may also lighten the material
  3. Use the clear side of the eraser to remove any long or frayed suede; Pack down the Suede
  4. Using the Nylon Brush, brush away any remaining debris
  5. Apply Just Suede solution a final time to restore any loss color (6 inches away)
Let Just Suede Dry
Repeat the process for desired results.

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