The Nu Antidote is a Cleaner and Light Oxidation Reversal Solution. It Works on All Color Leathers, Mesh, Prime Knit, Fly Knit, Canvas, Satin, Patent Leather and More! Not Designed for Suede! UV Light or the Sun will be Required for Maximum Results.
Just Shake Spray and Clean. use with Hot or Warm Water.
1) Shake the Bottle
2) Spray Solution on Desired Area Or Tool
3) Allow 30 Secs for Solution to Penetrate Soiled Areas.
4) Use a Nylon Brush, Nylon Scrub, or Eraser Sponge to clean area
5) Use warm water to rinse the material thoroughly.
6) Once cleaned allow sneakers to dry in the Sun or Under a UV Light to Activate Oxidation Reversal Properties
Tag us in your results! 
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