• 4-Way Crepe Suede Brush – Restore your suede or nubuck shoes back to life or to maintain pristine condition. The shape, material, and brass brush is the secret to effectively cleaning the toughest dirt out of your shoes

  • No Solutions Needed– This 4-Way Suede Crepe Brush was designed to clean suede and nubuck DRY without needing any shoe cleaners. Restore and recondition suede and nubuck with the various sides of this uniquely designed brush

  • Remove Heavy Dirt and Scuff Marks- This brush is designed to lift stubborn dirt from the surface without spreading dirt any leaving permanent markings

  • Work on All Parts of the Shoe – Work on every crevice of your shoes with the three built in rubber sides. Use the rounded welt or the thin welt brush too get into seams, leather cuts, or rounded areas that most shoe brushes have trouble getting

  • Brass Bristles for Heavy Duty Cleaning – The brass bristles targets deep penetrated dirt that can help dislodge and lift dirt from suede. It does not require a lot of force to remove. Avoid pressure to suede and avoid use on nubuck to prevent damaging the material.
NuLife Kicks 4 Way Crepe Brush - Suede & Nubuck Rubber Shoe Cleaning Brush With Brass Bristles

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