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4 Way Crepe Brush - Pack of 4




Learn how to clean suede and nubuck efficiently with the proper tools!

  • Suede Brush & Nubuck Cleaner – Bring your dead kicks back to life with this most effective suede brush. This unique shape of this rubber brush allows you to clean and maintain the grooves and tough places to clean. 
  • No Added Solutions or Other Brushes Needed – Natural suede cleaner and suede eraser! No solutions needed to clean. Recommended to use this suede cleaning tool while material is dry. 
  • Dual sided brush with wire bristles - Regular brushes spread dirt, while the wire bristles allow you to dislodge deep routed dirt to the surface. This brush is ideal for authentic suede that is not short trimmed like Nubuck. Recommended for you to stay away from synthetic materials and smooth materials. 


Step One

Pre-Treatment: WHILE DRY

This stage allows you to remove the majority of the dirt embedded into the multiple layers of suede and nubuck. Skipping this process will liquify the dirt causing it to stain the materials. Take your time in this stage. This is the most important part of the process



Apply the solution and set aside for 30 seconds. Allow the solution to deeply penetrate stubborn dirt, and hydrate the suede or nubuck.


Post- Treatment: WHILE DRY

Use the same tools in step 1 to remove any remaining dirt and recondition the materials. Suede will naturally fade with any maintenance. Once the suede has been cleaned and conditioned, spray a light even spray of Just Suede to revitalize the color.