NuLife Kicks

Welcome to the world of NuLife Kicks, a pioneering minority black-owned shoe care manufacturer based in the vibrant city of Las Vegas. Founded by the visionary Akeem Anifowoshe Jr., whose journey from aspiring dentist to chemistry and biology scholar paved the way for the inception of NuLife Kicks in 2012. What began as a passion for sneaker restorations and customs has blossomed into a global phenomenon, with NuLife Kicks proudly introducing the NuShoe Elements product line in 2018. Join us as we dive into the remarkable evolution of sneaker care and explore how NuShoe Elements is revolutionizing the way you care for your beloved sneakers.

Why we do what we do

In the dynamic world of sneaker care, where style meets functionality, NuLife Kicks stands as a guiding light, fostering a culture of confidence, expertise, and growth.

Founded by Akeem Anifowoshe Jr., a visionary driven by a passion for chemistry and sneakers, NuLife Kicks is not just a brand—it's a movement.

Join us as we delve into a new era of sneaker care education, where empowerment, skills development, and sustainable growth take center stage.

Unity in the Sneaker Community

Our mission goes beyond rivalry – it's about collaboration. In a departure from the norm, we've united with the industry to revolutionize the art of sneaker maintenance. We're opening our playbook, divulging our methods, processes, and solutions for pristine sneaker care.

Step into the future with us by joining the Nu Affiliate program, granting you exclusive access to live, industry-leading training courses. Together, we're elevating the way you keep your kicks in top-notch condition.

Powering Businesses

Our mission is to reshape the industry landscape through fresh methods, innovative solutions, and renewed profits. In the crucible of 2020's pandemic, an outpouring of feedback reached us. NuShoe Elements emerged as a lifeline, fueling individuals and enterprises across the US, helping families stay afloat in challenging times. We're unwavering in our commitment to empower the industry, ensuring its sustenance and growth.

At NuLife Kicks, we've flung wide the doors to impart the art of sneaker restorations, to not only teach skills but also reveal the methods, operations, and marketing savvy necessary for success. Our comprehensive services pave the path for you to fortify and expand your business. From learning the craft to mastering its intricacies, we stand by your side as you build and thrive.

The Shoedio

In the transformative year of 2020, the Shoedio came to life, a place where we invite you to step right into the heart of NuLife Kicks' laboratory. Here, we've propelled sneaker restorations to unprecedented heights, ushering in a new era of innovation and excellence.

NuShoe Elements

Following our shop's closure, we returned to the drawing board, recognizing the need for a broader solution. The world's sneakers needed care, and our lab's innovation was the answer. From Sneakercon Atlanta 2018, where we unveiled Just Suede, to rigorous testing and refining, we created our own line. Guided by chemistry and biology, Akeem developed safe, effective solutions catering to different materials. Experience the NuLife Finish – say goodbye to yellowing and revitalize suede without the water, clean and remove yellowing all in one solution.

NuLife Kicks Restoration and Customs

In 2014, we marked a milestone by becoming pioneers in brick-and-mortar sneaker restoration and customization across the US. Based at Las Vegas' Boulevard Mall, NuLife Kicks emerged as a haven for sneaker enthusiasts. Our expertise encompassed a diverse range of services: meticulous deep cleaning, reglues, midsole repaints, sole and tab swaps, and the artistry of custom sneakers. However, in 2017, the mall's transformation led us to embark on a journey of relocation...

Nulife Kicks X Urban Necessities

NuLife Kicks came into existence unexpectedly, ignited by a true love for sneakers sparked by a fortunate discovery on a Facebook post. As demand for our services soared, our narrative reached the ears of a local consignment shoe store owner, Urban Necessities. This connection gave rise to our brick-and-mortar journey, offering sneaker enthusiasts a unique platform to become a witness in bringing their dead kicks back to life. This collaboration ushered in an era where sneakers, once considered beyond repair, found a NuLife.

The Birth

NuLife Kicks was born from the passion of sneaker aficionado Akeem, known as Revive King. While pursuing studies in chemistry and biology at Southern Utah University with dreams of becoming a dentist, life took an unforeseen turn. As a dedicated student athlete, Akeem was on the cusp of the 2012 NFL Draft, until a sudden appendix rupture altered his path. Returning home, Akeem's depth of knowledge remained intact. During this period, the influential Facebook group "Vegas Sneaker Heads," renowned for its impressive sneaker collection, played a pivotal role. Akeem's posted transformation of a pair of CG 4s – from worn to renewed – ignited a spark that would shape NuLife Kicks' remarkable journey.

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