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Dirty shoe needs cleaning Dirty shoe needs cleaning
Does your sneakers
look like this?

Routine maintenance with the NuShoe Elements will help extend the lifespan of your kicks. How do you bring your kicks back to life while protecting the integrity of the materials?

Evolve out of outdated
cleaning methods

Our products are chemically engineered for specific materials and our tools are designed for specific surfaces. Clean and protect your kicks with our eco-friendly sneaker cleaners.

Clean sneakers
NuShoe elements make
sneakers look nu

We've created our products to bring your kicks back to life and look as Nu as possible. Learn our sneaker cleaning methods to maximize your results.

NuLife Kicks
Trust us,
We're chemists!

Hi! I'm Akeem, owner and founder of NuLife Kicks. I've always been a sneaker collector growing up and was known for keeping my kicks fresh. I studied chemistry and biology in college which has laid the foundation to all of the NuShoe Element products. NuLife Kicks started out in 2012 as a sneaker restoration company. No cleaner on the market would yield the high powered results I was looking for, so I created my own. Our solutions are composed of raw elements engineered to yield specific results. We manufacture 100% of our solutions in house at our Lab. The NuShoe Elements were created by sneaker care professionals for sneaker enthusiasts.

Sneaker Restoration Training

Powering the sneaker care industry with nu methods, nu tools, and nu solutions.

Become a certified sneaker care professional. Our custom training packages are suited for all skill levels. These courses emphasize the methods, processes, and tools in each section of sneaker restoration. Gain confidence in your abilities to protect the integrity of the sneaker while you build and grow your business.

Soles for Souls

Empowering the local youth of Las Vegas

Do you have unwanted kicks?

Donate your unwanted shoes to underprivileged communities