• Recommended by Shoe Care Professionals – Whether you are a sneaker care professional or need a quick cleaning, these shoe cleaning sponges will easily remove scuffs, marks, and layer dirt on smooth surfaces.

  • Long Lasting– Nu Eraser Sponges are 2x thicker and durable than most sponges. We've extracted the corrosive chemicals from this sneaker eraser to avoid damaging delicate sneaker materials.  

  • How to Shoe Soles / midsoles– Use the flat surface of the sponge to scrub the bottom soles/ midsoles using the Nu Antidote and Nu Eraser Sponge to remove light oxidation and layers of dirt. Use a UV light to activate oxidation reversal properties. 
Nu Eraser Sponge - Extra Thick, Multi-Surface Shoe Cleaning Sponge, NuLife Kicks

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