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The Evolution of Sneaker Care

Premium Shoe Cleaner

Chemically engineered by sneaker enthusiast chemists. The Nu Antidote is an all natural shoe cleaner that takes sneaker cleaning to a NU level.

Remove Aged Yellowing

The Nu Antidote shoe cleaning is engineered with a unique purpose. Alongside shoe cleaning, our solution can remove layers of aged oxidation with the help of UV light. Our like-new method of shoe cleaning does require a slight learning curve, but anyone can achieve results with the proper tools, methods and solutions.

Bring Your Dead Kicks Back To Life

Real results by real people.

Evolution of Sneaker Care

Learn professional shoe cleaning techniques from the leading sneaker care professionals. Evolve the way you maintain your kicks through Nu methods, solutions and tools.

Scrub and Clean

Identify the texture of the surface:
Smooth or Rigid. --> Choose the tool

Dip the tool in warm water & spray the tool with the Nu Antidote.
Lather, Scrub, & Clean!


Rinsing ensures your shoes don't turn yellow when it dries.

Rinse material with warm water (preferably from a spray bottle) and get rid of all the excess dirt and solution.

Dry Under UV Light

Pat dry with a microfiber towel to absorb excess water.
*Use air compressor for commercial use*

Place shoes under a UV light system or in direct sunlight to activate oxidation reversal properties.
*Hot temperatures can cause separation.