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  • Oxidation Reversal Shoe Cleaner: Formulated with smart surfactants, The Nu Antidote sneaker cleaner is perfect for your shoe care needs. Engineered and manufactured by sneaker head  chemists, our team of experts have tested this shoe cleaning solution on a wide set of materials. Remove stubborn dirt on mesh, flyknit, prime knit, canvas, leathers, rubbers, foam, and more. 

  • Advanced Technology: The Nu Antidote has a powerful stain removing capability that will remove tough stains like blood, grass, oil and grime from colored and white materials. Reverse the yellowing on fabrics without a "sauce" by simply cleaning the shoe as normal, rinsing the solution out with water and pat drying, and placing the shoe under a UV source like the sun to dry. Bring your white fabrics back WHITE. 

  • Easy to Use: Simply spray the Nu Antidote directly on to surface of the shoe or tool, leave the shoe for 15 seconds or more (so that the solutions can work their cleaning magic).Preferably use a NuShoe Element Tool, and gently use back and forth motions to remove stains caused by dirt, grass and unsightly marks, rise the solution out with water, pat dry with a towel. To activate oxidation reversal properties, place under a UV Source. 

  • Use on a Wide Variety of Materials: The Nu Antidote is ideal as a white fabric cleaner for shoes such as men's shoes, women's shoes, outdoor shoes, sports shoes, trainers, women's pumps, women's sandals, hiking shoes, work shoes, men's sneakers or children's shoes

  • NuLife Kicks Nu Antidote 32oz - Shoe Cleaner and Fabric Unyellowing and Sneaker Oxidation Reversal Solution
    3999 5900

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