• Three brushes are made of different materials: nylon, boar bristles, and super soft bristles to maintain even the most delicate materials

  • Maintain your shoes either wet or dry, using the bristles to dust any debris off of the surface layers or condition your shoes using NuShoe Element shoe cleaners

  • Wooden handle brush allows for easy and efficient shoe cleaning with good grip

  • Clean all areas of the sneaker without damaging the materials. Nylon is good for most materials, Boar Bristle is good for softer materials like suede and nubuck, and super soft nylon is good for silks, authentic animal skins, and delicate materials.

  • Whether you are fully cleaning your shoes or need a quick wipe off, these brushes can help you quickly and efficiently maintain leathers, mesh, rubber, foam, suede, nubuck, prime knit, canvas, and other materials. 
NuLife Kicks Brush Set - Shoe Cleaning Brush for Conditioning and Cleaning

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