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NuShoe Element Bundle



Nu Antidote

  • Shoe Cleaner and Oxidation Reversal: The Nu Antidote is perfect for your white leather, mesh, flyknit, rubbers, and canvas shoes. Engineered and manufactured by sneakers care experts, our shoe care formula removes the most stubborn dirt on materials while removing yellowing with the help of any UV light.

  • Advanced Technology: Our shoe cleaner is toxin-free and will remove dirt, grass, stains and grime from your sneakers after every use. The cleaning properties of the this fabric shoe cleaner leaves zero residues and a non-greasy like new finish.

  • Easy to Use: Just spray the Nu Antidote directly on to rubber, canvas, fabric and leather parts of your sneaker; Leave solution for 15 seconds or more (so that the solution can loosen the dirt bonds). Use a shoe cleaning sponge or shoe brush and gently use back and forth motions to remove stains caused by dirt, grass and unsightly marks. To restore your sneaker shoe's look, rinse and pat dry then place in UV lights or the sun. 

Just Suede

  • The #1 shoe cleaner that's first aid for suede: Just Suede shoe cleaner is the #1 choice for sneaker care professionals and sneaker heads. Restore the luster of your suede and revitalize the color without a concentrated shoe cleaning solution.
  • NOT a concentrated solution: chemically engineered for suede materials, this eco-friendly solution is gentle enough to clean the most delicate materials such as nubuck, suede, canvas, cloth, satin. 
  • Designed for Success (Please Read Directions on Bottle): Created with a 3-Step suede cleaning method, it's highly recommended to 1. Pretreat - clean suede dry with proper tools, 2. Treatment - Spray Just Suede and brush to clean, 3. Post Treat- Let the suede dry and train suede back to form with proper tools.
  • Works on all sneaker types (Nike, Jordans, Vans, Yeezy, Ugg etc.) bike, black, white, sandals, boots, and carpet on cars looking new again.