• Heavy Dirt Cleaner - Removes dried on dirt damaging the materials of the shoe. Use before cleaning, during cleaning, and after cleaning to maximize results. 
  • Heavy Duty Bristles - Specifically designed for durability. This Sole Brush has a sturdy handle while the thick synthetic bristles make removing hard dirt easy to scrub without depositing soil into other areas of the shoe.
  • Comfortability -  Long plastic handle brush makes this brush comfortable scrubbing even the most stubborn dirt.
  • Stiff Bristles- The extra thick bristles are designed for precision and effectiveness. This brush will not bend while scrubbing. The bristles stay in place to get tough dirt from the surface. 
  • Safe for Footwear - suitable for use on all footwear soles, including shoes and boots made from leather, suede, nylon and fabric. 
NuLife Kicks NuSole Brush - Extra Stiff Bristle Brush With Long Handle, Industrial Shoe Cleaning Brush

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