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Nu Nylon Scrub




  • Sole and Midsole Shoe Cleaning Tool - remove scuff marks and dirt instantly from your shoes soles, midsoles, and uppers; Works best on mesh, prime knit, canvas, leather & rubber midsoles and soles. Quick, easy, and efficient sneaker cleaning sponges

  • Easy to use with minimal pressure - Gently scrub for maximum cleaning power; Spray the Nu Antidote shoe cleaner to the shoe or sponge and allow the texture of the sponge to dislodge stubborn dirt from fabric materials. Safe for mesh and other materials without fraying!

  • Just Add Solution! - Spray each the shoe with the Nu Antidote shoe cleaner, scrub gently to start removing deep stubborn stains; Each sponge is reusable once dry. Cut the sponge in half to extend the lifespan!

  • Effective on Multiple surfaces- Our proprietary cleaning formula is engineered for specific materials, while our sponges are designed for specific surfaces to remove tough marks, scuffs, and dirt on any sole and fabric material.

  • Best for Fabric Materials, J1 Midsoles, and Bottom Soles - Want to extend the sponges life span? Cut the sponge in half and rinse after each use.