• How to clean suede and nubuck – The dual side eraser easily and effectively removes scuff marks, dirt, and debris on suede and nubuck materials. Recommended to use while the material is dry. No need to use a shoe cleaning solution while using this tool. 
  • Dual sides for maximum efficiency - Use the gradient side to remove stubborn soil from suede and nubuck. The gum side is mainly used to pack down suede to train original smooth texture. Both of these sides are efficient at removing dirt. 
  • Safe for variety of materials– It is safe for all suede, nubuck or napped finished leather. Use for cleaning your shoes, boots, pumps, heels, purses, uggs, sneakers, car seats, furniture handbags, and clothing.
  • Best Quality Sneaker Eraser – Our dual side eraser is made from strict, tested standards to ensure safe use on high-end luxury goods. 
Dual Sided Suede Eraser - Suede Eraser, How to clean suede, NuLife Kicks

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