NuShoe Elements were engineered to deliver precise outcomes on distinct materials. While various methods exist, we've forged a unique "NU" approach to shoe cleaning.

Vanish age-induced yellowing from fabrics, leathers, plastics, and beyond. Rediscover suede and nubuck's allure sans tap water, reviving their vibrancy and luster.

But how to select the right shoe cleaner? Begin by pinpointing the material in question. Opt for the fitting solution and tool tailored to that specific material and surface.

Just Suede Tools

4 Way Crepe Brush

Harness the rubber segments to restore suede and nubuck's original texture. Employ the wire bristles to extract entrenched debris from extended, velvety suede fibers.

Dual Sided Eraser

Ideal for eliminating scuff marks, dirt, and debris from suede and nubuck materials, while also revitalizing suede. Optimal results are achieved when used on dry materials.

Nylon Brush

Highly effective across a range of materials, commonly utilized for leathers, suede, and nubuck.

Hog Bristle Brush

Suitable for application on nubuck, suede, faux suede, and delicate materials.


3 Step Suede Cleaning Process

Devoting ample time and exercising patience—this stage is pivotal. Your focus will be on extracting dirt and enhancing suede's suppleness.

1. Start with the Nylon Bristle Brush or Hog Bristle Brush to tenderly sweep away superficial debris, ensuring a delicate touch.

2. Leverage the gradient side of the Dual Sided Eraser to eliminate surface-level dirt. Systematically erase each shoe panel for uniform and comprehensive cleaning.

3. Invoke the rubber side of the 4-Way Crepe Brush to induce a softening effect on the suede, while concurrently extracting embedded dirt.

This comprehensive process guarantees optimal results and showcases your dedication to elevating suede care.

O Sponge

Use precision cleaning by spraying the O Sponge and cleaning this authentic leather. Authentic leathers have the tendency to bleed, so this sponge is ideal for cleaning without excess water dripping into other areas.

Dual Side Eraser

Use the gradient side of the Dual Side Eraser to remove surface layer dirt or residue.

4 Way Crepe Brush

The rubber sides of the 4 way crepe brush will remove dirt while retraining the nap of the suede or nubuck. Use in a back and forth motion to bring back that "suede action".

Nu Sole Brush

Use the Nu Sole Brush on textured midsoles to maximize stubborn dirt in tight grooves. This super stiff brush will dislodge dirt in midsole stitching.

Nu Antidote Tools

O Sponge

Use this shoe cleaning sponge on mesh, flyknit, leathers, rubbers and more with damaging or fraying any materials.

Nu Nylon Scrub

Use on mesh, prime knit, canvas, leather & rubber midsoles and bottom soles

Nu Eraser Sponge

Easily remove scuffs, marks, and layers of dirt on smooth surfaces.

Nu Sole Brush

Use to remove dirt on bottom soles, or scrub stubborn dirt on textured midsoles

SS Nylon Brush

Use for the more delicate materials like satin, real suede, velvet, fabric, mesh

Nu Eraser Sponge

Remove aged yellowing on smooth textures with the flat side of the Nu Eraser Sponge

Nu Nylon Scrub

The Nu Nylon Scrub is most effective on mesh like materials or materials that are woven

Nu Eraser Sponge

Smooth surface = Nu Eraser Sponge

Maximize your cleaning using the flat side of the Nu Eraser Sponge.

O Sponge

This woven material is delicate due to its age. Use the O Sponge to get a close cleaning without the risk of chipping aged paint.

Nu Eraser Sponge

Smooth Surfaces = Nu Eraser Sponge

Use flat surface of Nu Eraser Sponge for maximum cleaning