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Just Suede MVP Bundle



  • How to clean suede? - This shoe cleaning kit comes with 1 solution and 5 tools. Properly maintain and restore suede shoes with this premium suede cleaning kit. This package includes everything you need to efficiently clean your suede or nubuck: 1 8oz Just Suede, Hog Bristle Brush, Nylon Brush, 4-Way Crepe Brush, Dual Side Suede Eraser, Black Microfiber Towel

  • Cleans, conditions and revitalizes color - Our proprietary suede cleaner works to clean, condition and revitalize the color of suede and nubuck. Avoid damaging delicate materials

  • No Water Needed! - This is not a concentrated solution. This shoe cleaner does not require you to mix with water. The harshness of tap water can potential damage the materials, causing the texture to change or become stiff. Use Just Suede with peace of mind knowing that our solution is safe for your most delicate materials

  • Just Suede Bundle contains: (2) Just Suede 32oz Bottles, (1) Dual Side Eraser, (1) 4 Way Crepe Brush, (1) Hog Bristle Brush, (1) Nylon Bristle Brush, (1) Black Microfiber Towel



Step One

Pre-Treatment: WHILE DRY

This stage allows you to remove the majority of the dirt embedded into the multiple layers of suede and nubuck. Skipping this process will liquify the dirt causing it to stain the materials. Take your time in this stage. This is the most important part of the process



Apply the solution and set aside for 30 seconds. Allow the solution to deeply penetrate stubborn dirt, and hydrate the suede or nubuck.


Post- Treatment: WHILE DRY

Use the same tools in step 1 to remove any remaining dirt and recondition the materials. Suede will naturally fade with any maintenance. Once the suede has been cleaned and conditioned, spray a light even spray of Just Suede to revitalize the color.