Just Suede MVP Bundle

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Trusted by Sneaker Care Professionals

Engineered for suede and Delicate Materials

Just Suede is

First Aid For Suede

Unlike concentrated cleaners, Just Suede is formulated specifically for suede, nubuck and delicate materials. No need to mix or rinse with water, this ready-to-go suede shoe cleaner will easily clean, revitalize the color of suede and restore the luster. Follow our 3-Step Suede cleaning process for maximum results.

3-Step Suede Cleaning Method

Maximize your results by following our suede cleaning methods


Remove the surface layer dirt in the Pretreatment Step. Dry clean the shoe with the pretreatment tools: Dual Side Eraser, 4 Way Crepe Brush, and Nylon Brush.


Spray Just Suede 6-8 inches away and let the solution sit for 30 seconds to penetrate layered dirt. Brush with a shoe cleaning brush to clean and condition the suede.

Post Treatment

When the shoe is dry, rotate between the Dual Side Eraser and 4 Way Crepe brush to soften the materials and pack down the suede to restore it's natural-like texture.

I’ve been cleaning and restoring my own shoes for about a year now, and the Nu Life products have turned into my go to supplies.

Marquel W,

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